Homies Helping Humanity

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Homies Helping Humanity

Homies Helping Humanity (H3) is a group of friends dedicated to one goal…helping the people! During this harsh and unexpected pandemic, we realized that people needed help more than ever and not just those that are on the streets. We established our organization in November of 2020.

Within a short  period of time, we have been able to use our social media skills to obtain hundreds of dollars in donations which provided us the funding to create our signature “Homie Help Kits.” We produced over 50 kits with warm wear, first aid kits and sanitary products to hit the streets with. 


Raised Through
Our Campaigns


People Served
by Helping Hands


Programs Initiated
Since 2020


Across Chicago area

The Homies’ Mission.jpeg
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Our main goal is to get people the help they need whether it be food, clothes, shelter or financial assistance. We have expanded to doing monthly fresh food and produce drop offs in the Roseland community and other areas of the south side of Chicago.


"If Nobody Got You, The Homies Do!"

 Huge on collaborations with other black and brown organizations to connect and invest in the people of the community, creating a “Homie Network”.